• Genre: Adventure
  • Platform: Commodore 64
  • Release year: 1987

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The game is based on the comic strip of the same name from the British newspaper Daily Mirror.[3] The music used in the game was used in British television commercials in the 1970s to advertise the Hovis brand of bread products.[4]

Specifically released for Christmas of 1987, Andy Capp: The Game was intended to be a holiday blockbuster in both North America and Europe.[5] Andy has to acquire money to give to his wife from various sources, as he has already spent his unemployment benefit, while consuming as much alcohol as possible and avoid getting arrested for various crimes (like punching his wife and beating up police officers).[3] Money is assigned to the player in British pounds and kisses are used to control various non-player characters. Running out of kisses or alcohol means that the game instantly ends with a game over.[3] The time is given in the 24-hour clock format (00:00-23:59 and excluding the AM/PM formats) while the days of the weeks are organized from Monday to Friday.

Players can either make Andy speak or fight.[3] A score is given to reward players for making the right decisions.