• Genre: Beat'em up
  • Platform: Amiga, Arcade, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Release year: 1988

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You were a Roman Centurion. You died bravely in battle. Now, a hundred years later, you have been called back from the grave by Zeus, God of Thunder. Even as he grants you new life he gives you a mission. You must rescue his daughter Athena from the evil clutches of Neff; Lord of the Underworld.

From the surface to the very heart of the Underworld you must journey, fighting Neff’s undead army every step of the way! Zombies, demons, gargoyles, three-headed Wolves. . But in this life you have been given an edge. . . the power to transform into magical beasts of awesome power! From a man to a superman. . . to a werewolf, were-dragon, were-tiger and the ultimate. . . a Golden Wolf! Each form has supernatural abilities. You’ll need them all.. . for Neff is a fearsome enemy.

Fail, and Athena’s fate will be unspeakable. Win. . . and you may take a place in the Pantheon of Immortality! Remember.. . Never say die!