Alligator Hunt

released in 1994

Alligator Hunt is an arcade shoot 'em up, similar to Blood Bros.

One or two players take on the role of skateboarding kids who fight off an invasion of alien reptiles. The first two stages take place on earth, after that the players get on a spacecraft, flies through space and finally takes on the reptile home planet.

Players can only move left and right in the bottom part of the screen and at the same time they can move a crosshair across the screen to shoot. There are two weapons, the standard laser shot with unlimited ammo and a limited missile shot. Shooting certain targets will drop down bonus items which include M icons for extra missiles, S icons for super missiles and bonus points. Shooting the bonus points increases their value. After each stage the game shows a meter for brutality and efficacy.

The game features digitized music, digitized explosion effect and some scenes with prerendered 3D animations.

  • Genre: Shooter
  • Platform: Arcade

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