Alley Cat

released in 1983 by Synapse Software published by Synapse Software

The challenge: Help Freddy overcome obstcales to reach his sweetheart, Felicia.

Escape the bulldog by jumping on trash cans. Run along the fence and clotheslines - avoiding items thrown out windows and mice that step on your paws. When a window opens, enter it before it closes. Then progress through the aviary, pantry, kennel, library and aquarium room. A mad housekeeping broom tries to sweep you out the windows and the bulldog lurks.

Knock the birdcage off the table and catch the bird. Chase mice through Swiss cheese. Drink the milk from the dogs' bowls before they awaken. Climb the bookcase shelves, eluding a poisonous spider. Eat the goldfish in the fishbowl while avoiding electric eels... but don't run out of air!

Win points for a chance to kiss Felicia in the Cupid Room. But first get by her six brothers (who can be bribed with gifts). Be careful not to step on broken hearts or catch Cupid's arrow!

  • Genre: Action, Arcade
  • Platform: Atari 800, Atari 8-bit, MS-DOS, PC-8801

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