All-Star Baseball 99

released in 1998
  • libretro Nintendo 64 version

• Hi-Rez™ graphics - so real you'll think you're at the ballpark
• All 30 Major League teams and over 700 MLBPA players
• All 30 stadiums 3-D rendered down to the cut of the grass
• All-new polyganal engine and smooth skin players with real-life faces
• Play-byplay and color calls by New York Yankees broadcasters John Sterling and Michael Kay
• Pitchers scouted by 1997 NL MVP Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies

• The only 4 player baseball game for the N64
• Over 600 player motions and over 100 distinct batting stances
• Future Throw Technology™ to turn the lighting-quick double-plays
• Hot/Cold zones - individual strike zones for each batter
• Unprecedented batting control: push, bull, hit down & under the ball
• Advanced pitching interface: actual specialty pitches for each pitcher
• Advanced fielding options: dive, jump, slide & scale the outfield wall
• Full Nintendo®64 Rumble Pak™ support!

• Trade, create, sign and release players, set pitching rotations and line-ups, create new teams, scout players and call up minor league prospects
• Play the official 1998 schedule or a special 162-game non-interleague season
• Four game modes including: Exhibition, Season, Playoff, and Home Run Derby™
• Win end of season awards including MVP and batting titles
• Player injuries affect game and season play
• Track season-long player and team statistics in over 300 categories

  • Genre: Sports
  • Platform: Nintendo 64


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