• Genre: Adventure
  • Platform: MS-DOS
  • Release year: 1996

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Capture the excitement of everyone's childhood dream--To single-handedly save the world from Alien intruders!

Experience the adventure of a lifetime as you enter the world of strange and bizarre characters, aliens and heroes all cast in beautifully detailed settings conjuring up images of alien worlds, ghosts, goblins and mad scientists.

Watch this dazzling world unfold as you, Benjamin, race against time to save your uncle from a race of aliens who have been catapulted 60 million light years into your backyard through a wormhole created by your uncle's latest invention--the Wormhole Spawner. Now you have to use your wits and his invention to save the human race.

The Aliens have kidnapped your uncle right in front of your eyes as you watch in horror. Only through your tireless efforts will you uncover the clues you will need to rescue him. As the mystery unravels you will uncover hundreds of puzzles and clues as you explore spooky mansions, dark and mysterious forests, underwater caverns, creepy cemeteries and crypts, isolated observatories and the aliens' mother ship itself. Meet dozens of characters along the way who will help or perhaps hinder you on your quest.

Once you enter this dazzling world of sights and sounds you will never want to leave!!!