Akatsuki no Bizantira

released in 1994

In a world with two moons, humans peacefully co-exist with various species of intelligent animals, called "mebu". But something has destroyed the balance in that world, and animals have started to attack humans. A female warrior named Bizantira, accompanied by the yellow bird Diel, decides to find out the reason behind these occurrences and to discover the truth about humans and mebu.

The game is a very basic Japanese-style RPG, with minimal story development and simple gameplay mechanics. The player controls Bizantira as she wanders around the top-down world map, exploring the world and visiting towns. There is no navigation in the towns; locations (such as weapons shop, inn, etc.) are selected through a menu. The battles are random, turn-based, and are viewed from first-person perspective.

The game's story is based on a fantasy novel of the same name by Hiroe Suga.

  • Platform: PC-98


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