Air Hockey-e

released in 2002
  • libretro Nintendo Game Boy Advance version

Air Hockey-e is an e-Reader video game released in 2002 by Nintendo. The game was free of charge and was available at a few retailers exclusively in America and Australia. The Australian version had more enhancements than the American one and, instead of being released at retailers, came packed in with the -e-Reader unit, meaning everyone who purchased an e-Reader in Australia also got the Air Hockey-e video game. Air Hockey-e only contained one card.

Air-Hockey-e is a simple game of Air Hockey. You'll control the paddle at the bottom of the table, while the computer will control the paddle at the top. There is a line in the middle that divides the two players' sides, and each player can move their paddle anywhere except over the line. The player can execute a power shot using the A button that will cause their paddle to move faster, thus hitting the puck harder. The first player to acquire ten points will win the game.

  • Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance


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