Air Boarder 64

released in 1998
  • libretro Nintendo 64 version


The year is 2064. The snowboard and skateboard of the previous century have evolved into an AirBoard that hovers about 50cm above the ground.

This AirBoard can be ridden over ground, over water, and even along the walls of buildings or from roof top to roof top!

There are no courses in AIRBOARDER 64 must be strictly followed, so you afree to ride around the whole field and perform a variety of cool tricks! GO for it and become a Master of Airboarder

• Seven exciting game modes. Also has 2 players modes.
• Perform original tricks with cool characters and hyper boards.
• On-road, air, lip, drum, by combining these tricks, you can create Unlimited Combos!
• 5 courses. Make the tricks and ride around the board to your heart contents.

  • Genre: Action, Sports
  • Platform: Nintendo 64


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