Age of Evil

released in 2003 by Ben Croshaw published by Ben Croshaw

Age of Evil is a total conversion. It requires Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, version 1.4 or 1.5. It features new baddies, new graphics, new sounds, new music, new levels, and one or two crappy new weapons.

Christopher Quinn, novelist, British citizen, eldest son of Lord and Lady Quinn of Rotchestershire, England, was rather surprised when he came home from a booksigning tour one day to find that both his parents were dead. He was even more surprised when he dropped to his knees and burst out laughing.

Indeed, this worried him when he had recovered, so as soon as the funeral was over he toddled on down to this local psychiatric hospital for a checkup. He was found to possess a borderline psychopathic personality, and it was recommended that he stay at the institute for further evaluation.

One night, Chris is awoken by a terrible scream. At first he thinks another serious inmate is being given a cold shower, but then he notices a rather eerie silence hanging over the place. He could hear unearthly moans and grisly noises in the distance. A security guard burst in, a knife buried in his spine, and collapsed upon the floor, dead. Even with slight psychosis Chris can tell something is very, very wrong. He dresses swiftly in his civilian clothes and trenchcoat, and arms himself with the deceased guard's gun.

As he prepares to face whatever is waiting for him outside the door, a thin and baffling smile crosses his face.

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