After Burner

released in 1987
  • libretro NES version
  • libretro Sega Master System version

Muster up all the skill, reflexes and guts you've got. Because inside your F-14 Thunder Cat, you're going to need all that - and more.

Blast laser-directed, anti-aircraft fire at enemy planes. Dodge heat-seeking missiles with fancy flywork, like dips, turns and barrel rolls. Come head to head with the infamous Flying Fortresses (the toughest of all enemies) and dogfight your way through, to a nanosecond of safety.

And if you make it far enough, a fuel tanker will be waiting for you. Dock successfully and you'll replenish valuable energy and ammunition.

So get your adrenaline pumping and grab your joystick. Then take to the skies. You're not going to believe what's up there!

  • Platform: Amiga, Commodore C64/128, NES, Sega Master System


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