Aero Racer

released in 2011 by Halfbrick published by Halfbrick
  • libretro Sony PSP version

Formerly known as Rocket Racing, Aero Racer is a single-player top-down arcade-like futuristic speed racer entailing a competition between colored neon rocket ships.

The defining challenge of the game lies in controlling the momentum of the racing craft by using rear jet-boosters to grind and thrust off track boundaries, resulting in increased acceleration. Unlike other contemporary racing games, there are no weapons or damage meters; players must maintain a single minded effort to beat opponents to the finishing line.

Players can enjoy the following four different game modes:
Campaign: success in races, challenges, and trials enables players to progress through increasingly difficult tiers.
Grand Prix: a set of interconnected races.
Quick Race: instant pick-up and play mode.
Party Mode: players take turns to compete in single-player challenges

  • Genre: Racing
  • Platform: Sony PSP


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