released in 2015
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Plovdiv, the year 2XXX. Men no longer exist and the population outside this city has mysteriously vanished. What remains is wholly under the control of mysterious shapeshifters who take the form of humans and monsters. Few believe the reports of their existence, and those who discover their existence don't often live long enough to tell the tale.

Aerannis is a game in which an assassin, Ceyda Farhi, uncovers the truth. Her missions involve sneaking around, taking hostages, using human shields, laying down traps, and assassinating those who are a part of the conspiracy. Countless massive, intense boss battles are seamlessly blended in with the stealth action.

- Gorgeous, vibrant pixel art and a stellar soundtrack
- A large interconnected world to explore
- Fast, intense action
- Emphasis on stealth and tricking enemies for quick, silent kills
- Intertwined missions that unravel the conspiracy of the world

  • Genre: Action, Platform, Stealth
  • Platform: Mac, Windows
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