Abrams Battle Tank

released in 1989
  • libretro Sega Genesis / Mega Drive version

Frontline heat. Behind the gun of an M1A1.

0400 Hours: Mission Briefing, Soviet FST-1's and BMP's are pouring over the border into West Germany. Ready your crew and move out!

0415 Hours: Choose the right weapons. Reconnaissance reports aircraft and infantry, too, so balance your load of Sabots, HEAT rounds and AX's.

0500 Hours: Patrol the road to Bonn. Only minor clashes so far. Check your NAV map and damage screen. You have enough fuel to weed out the recon units, but will your ammo hold out?

1045 Hours: The heat is on. Your 120mm gun slams you against the seat as you blast another T-80. Gutted tanks litter the battlefield, pillars of smoke streak the sky, but the enemy keeps rolling. You swing your turret around and spot a Soviet assault chopper. His sights are on you.

2230 Hours: Get home alive. Cross the bridge and you're home free. You're glued to the gunner's sights, straining to detect enemy movement with thermal imaging. The ballistic computer locks on. Range 1326m. Pray he's alone.

  • Platform: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive


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