A Rogue Escape

released in 2021
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The plan is simple - steal a nauticrawl, evade capture, and make a break for freedom. There's just one problem... you don't know how to move this hunk of metal.

Take command of this 4-story crawling mech. Clues left by previous pilots will get you started, but you'll have to fill in the gaps. Pull levers, flip switches, and experiment with everything. But beware, getting it moving is just the first hurdle...

- Experiment with the control s- find what works, hack what doesn't
- Evade capture as you test your wits, bypassing systems and sentries
- Master 5 distinct control centers that you were never meant to pilot
- Feel what it's like to pilot a colossal steampunk mech in VR
- Wheel and deal with merchants of ill repute
- Discover field notes from fallen pilots and previous fugitives who tell your story
- In-game adjustable floor for players of all heights
- Designed to be playable standing or sitting, requires little space to move around.
- Playable in 10 languages

A Rogue Escape is a more tactile, experience-driven VR re-imagining of Spare Parts Oasis' first title: Nauticrawl.

  • Platform: Oculus Rift, SteamVR

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