9th Dawn II

released in 2015 by Valorware published by Valorware
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Are you a fan of oldschool RPGs like Ultima, but crave the openness and exploration of modern games? If so, we at Valorware are dedicated to giving you just that! We are proud to present 9th Dawn, a game that's a blend of modern and traditional design and gameplay and sports the largest open world experience available today in a mobile RPG!

9th Dawn Explore the large island of Montelorne, a land far detached from the mainland, but filled with mystery, danger, and last but not least, adventure. You begin your journey in the small village of Agaria, but once you gain your bearings, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of its own.

Play as one of three of the traditional classes: The sturdy knight, skilled in the art of combat and possessing the ability to wield heavy armour and weapons; the nimble archer, capable of swiftly dispatching a foe from afar or close up with his daggers; the wise mage, a master of the elements and capable of utilizing powerful magic spells and summoning abilities to obliterate the enemy.

Whether it's searching for hidden artifacts and treasure, helping the troubled Montelornians with the rising undead armies, or simply exploring the massive world and it's many towns, dungeons, and forests, there is no shortage of fun for a bold adventurer to partake of!

* Massive Open World - explore foreboding forests, dark dungeons and crumbling castles.
* Quest throughout Montelorne and it's neighbouring isles to learn more about the nation of Caspatia and leave your mark upon it!
* Fight through hordes of undead and dangerous beasts - over 100 unique enemies with different abilities and behaviours stand in your way!