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  • Wine Official free download version last published 1 year, 1 month ago

    The music works, not so the audio fx (shots and the likes). Stays in fullscreen when it should be windowed.

    Move - QWEASD and cursors
    Status screen - Space bar
    Mouse - Look
    Mouse left buttom - Shoot
    Mouse right buttum - Activate
    Enter - Change screen mode

Mankind walks on the edge of self-extinction after a great nuclear war. And now, a new army is launching an attack to the few cities that are still on, following the plan of the Master Brain. A small group of soldiers have formed an alliance to defend the last cities and defeat the evil creature. 8Bit Killer tells the story of their final mission.

8Bit Killer is first person shooter with the visual style of an 8-bit game. With 32x32 pixels textures, NES colors and 1 bit sounds, this anachronistic game feels like a run and gun in a 3D view. The soundtrack is part of the work composed by the great RushJet1.

- Look and feel of a NES game with a 3D view.
- 5 levels divided into 8 sub-levels with 5 boss fights.
- Hidden objects and weapons.
- Around 60 minutes of game length (once fully mastered).