7th Dragon

released in 2009 published by Sega
  • libretro Nintendo DS version

The world is populated by dragons - beings of pure id, harvesting its life for their own sake. Standing in opposition to them are hunters, humans who set out in groups to explore the world. The player controls a characters who founds a new guild with the goal of playing as a hunter. At the start of the game, the player's guild takes on small-time jobs, but ends up being pulled into a world-shaping story.

This turn-based RPG has no predefined characters; the player creates all of the characters they use, including their main character. Each character can be defined as one of seven classes, each of which has four unique appearances; after creation, characters can be further customized by learning abilities from skill trees in order to customize their role in battle. A player's guild can have up to sixteen characters total, up to four of whom can be selected at a time to form a party. The core of the game is structured around quests, which are available from quest boards in each town; these can range from simple fetch quests to complex quests involving dungeon crawling and travelling the world.

  • Genre: jRPG, RPG, Turn-based
  • Platform: Nintendo DS


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