7 Colors

released in 1991

Seven Colors is an simple game of colors and strategy. It's a 2 player game, but you can also play against the computer. As an added bonus for human vs human, you can connect to each other through a network. Unfortunately you can't set the difficulty and the AI is surprisingly good. So you can expect to constantly get beaten until you really get a handle on the advanced strategy of the game. The goal of this game is quite simple, you need to cover 50% of the board with your captured colors. The board consists of small squares of 7 different colors.

You can capture more color pieces by selecting a new color on each turn, then all neighbouring pieces of the new color immediately change color to the new one and become yours. Your field then changes color every turn and consumes more and more color pieces until one player get 50%.

  • Platform: Amiga, PC-98


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