released in 1981

600 is a maze game where the player is a turtle trying to bring baby turtles, called 'kidturtles' to their homes while avoiding beetles. Scattered throughout the maze are boxes with question marks on them. When the player walks over a question mark, a baby turtle will crawl onto the main turtle's back, a house will appear at a random location on the map, and the player will have to bring the baby turtle to its house while avoiding beetles.

Other times, beetles will come out of the boxes, which the player will have to quickly run away from. The player's only offensive move is the ability to drop "smart bombs" to temporarily stun the beetles. The player's smart bombs can be refilled by grabbing the smart bombs in the middle of the maze. However, unlike actual smart bombs, the player's bombs do not move and stay in a single place until a beetle runs over it.

You have eight floors to deal with the beetles, then you'll go to the roof to get your baby turtles, after you go get them, you walk home with the rest of the baby turtles you collected. The game pattern is endless.

  • Platform: Arcade


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