3D Seiddab Attack

released in 1984
  • mame ZX Spectrum version Rating: ❔ UNKNOWN

The Seiddab Trilogy is a series of video games designed by Steve Turner (as Graftgold) for the ZX Spectrum and published by Hewson Consultants. It consists of 3D Space-Wars (1983),[1] 3D Seiddab Attack (1984)[2] and 3D Lunattack.[3] All three games were later published together as "The Seiddab Trilogy" by Hewson for the Rotronics Wafadrive.[4] The series name is derived from the word "baddies" being spelt in reverse.

Astroclone (1985), also programmed by Turner and featuring the Seiddab, is part of this series.[5]

  • Platform: Dragon 32/64, ZX Spectrum


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