3D Kaleidoscope: Baby Universe

released in 1997
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version Rating: ❔ UNKNOWN

Baby Universe is an experiment in visuals. It consists of different worlds with digital kaleidoscopes. One of them, a 3D Kaleidoscope, is floating in space. You create visual effects by pressing buttons on the controller, to turn the different axes, bend and reflect light, and change the angle, with different background patterns. All your actions can be recorded and saved.

In the jewel case, you select the objects to appear on the screen, and in the console, you can edit each individual item. This includes colour mapping of the surface, movement patterns and frame rate. Settings can be saved on a memory card. In the soundscape, you can insert your own CDs, and sound wave patterns will appear to accompany the music. There is also a traditional (electric) and a psychedelic kaleidoscope available.

  • Platform: Sony PlayStation


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