3D Bat Attack

released in 1984
  • mame ZX Spectrum version Rating: ❔ UNKNOWN

The game is a Pac-Man variant played from a first person perspective. The game consists of a number of mazes connected with a lift that the player can use to travel between them. Throughout the corridors the player will find gold that he has to collect to earn points. He has to watch out for the bats though. If he comes into contact with a bat he will lose one of his lives. There's only one way of protection against the bats, to eat garlic which he has to find in the mazes. When he eats it he becomes immune to the bats for 20 seconds. If he comes into contact with a bat during this time it will be stunned by the smell. Using the lift is also a way to escape the bats. However for each time the lift is used the bats get more vicious. Difficulty level (0-10) and number of bats (1-4) can be configured before starting a game.

  • Platform: ZX Spectrum


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