released in 2015
  • libretro Nintendo 64 version

19XXTE (19XX Tournament Edition) is a ROM hack/mod of Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64). It is the first notable mod for the game, with development having started in May of 2015. 19XXTE is based on 20XX Tournament Edition; that is, the purpose of the mod is to assist in running tournaments, help players learn the game, and add other cosmetic changes instead of exclusively modifying characters or stages. 19XXTE has seen tournament use, being notably used at GENESIS 3 and Super Smash Con 2016; its most important feature is the ability to add a timer to a stock match like in later games, saving tournament organizers from the trouble of keeping track of match time externally.

It has a more complete version, 19XXCE (19XX Complete Edition), meant for more casual gameplay.

  • Platform: Nintendo 64


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