1001 Crosswords

released in 2012
  • libretro Nintendo DS version

Full of teasing crosswords from the UK’s leading national newspapers, this new collection contains an incredible 1001 puzzles of all levels of difficulty; enough for even the most determined crossword fanatic to get their teeth in to. Featuring a combination of Quick and Cryptic crosswords, 1001 Crosswords offers something for everyone. Take the hot seat and challenge a friend in a timed crossword duel! Use the inbuilt keyboard or write your own letters using the stylus. And if you’re really stuck, why not try the Hint button? But watch out for the time penalty! Everyone from the keenest puzzle fan to novices will find puzzles that challenge, confound and enlighten. So snuggle up on the sofa, turn off the phone, put the kettle on and get ready to dive into the biggest collection of crosswords that has ever been published on Nintendo DS!

  • Platform: Nintendo DS


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