Lutris 0.3.8 released

Posted by strider Aug. 11, 2016, 12:05 a.m.

Lutris has been updated to version 0.3.8, offering some overall improvements and new features.

New runners

We now have support for Nintendo DS and 3DS games thanks to the new Desmume and Citra runners. While Desmume has been around for a while, Citra is still pretty new and experimental so don't expect everything to work out right now. Our build will be updated as the emulator makes progress.

Browse button for CD-ROM detection during installation

We have added a button to browse to the location of the CD-ROM files when they are requested by an installer. Our previous implementation would fail detecting CDs in many cases, depending on how the CD was mounted and which desktop environment was used, now you can point to any folder and continue the installation.

Improved Steam games detection

In the previous version, Steam games would only be sync to the local client if the user's library on was up-to-date. This has been rewritten to use the local data only. All Steam games will now be detected and added to the client, regardless of the status of a remote library. Steam for Windows games are not added automatically to the client as many of them would require extra steps to get them working (which are provided by the Lutris installers). Detection of newly installed and removed Steam games has also been improved with the use of inotify to monitor any changes.

If, for some reason, some games are not being picked up, there is a new command line flag available: --list-steam-folders, allowing you to list all Steam folders detected by Lutris.

Improved joypad support for Mednafen and Reicast

The button order in medfanen has been fixed and the Dreamcast emulator Reicast has been updated to provide better joypad support. Note that assigning joypads to Dreamcast games requires to have python-evdev installed. If your distribution does not provide this package, you can install it with pip:

pip install evdev

This python module is likely to be used a lot more in future releases so we recommend you install it.

Various improvements

  • It is now possible to set a GTK dark theme from the View menu.
  • Wine crash dialogs are disabled by default (they can be re-enabled in the runner options)
  • There is a new system option allowing to restrict games to one CPU core. This option should prevent crashes with games launched from EA's Origin.

What's next

Lutris 0.3.8 has been developed in parallel with our next major release: Lutris 0.4.0. This release is almost ready and should ship really soon. A major change in the next release is the use of Python 3 instead of Python 2 which has been used since the beginning of the project.

Another big change coming in Lutris 0.4.0 is the introduction of the Retroarch runner. This will allow to get rid of several poorly maintained and low quality emulators such as PCSXR, Mupen64plus or DGen.

The 0.4.x release cycle will be the beginning of major new features which have been planned for a while: 0.4.1 should have integration with GOG, 0.4.2 will integrate with Humble Bundle, 0.4.3 will offer integration and finally 0.4.4 will allow managing ROMs with the TOSEC database.

All of this will be explained in a short while when Lutris 0.4.0 is released, along with a special announcement :)