Lutris 0.3.7 is released!

Posted by strider Dec. 11, 2015, 10:56 p.m.

It's been more than a year since last release but it's finally here: Lutris 0.3.7 is available for all. We sure have been taking our time but we wanted to make sure to bring the best experience possible for our users. We have listened to the feedback we got after releasing Lutris 0.3.6 and brought a much better overall experience. It may be a minor version upgrade but this release has received nearly 700 commits out of a total of 2000, almost a third of the total!

What's new

Aside from the many bugfixes and performance improvements, there are also some visible changes:

  • Games can be filtered by runners with a new sidebar
  • You can view the log of the last game launched, useful if you're experiencing problems running a particular game
  • We ship a new and improved runtime, partly based on the Steam runtime.
  • Multiple versions of the same game can be installed at the same time (for example the arcade, Amiga and SNES versions)
  • Monitoring of running games has greatly improved so it will detect properly when a game has quit, including Windows and Steam for Windows game
  • New runners are available! You can now play games with Dolphin (Wii and Gamecube emulator), Reicast (Dreamcast emulator) and ResidualVM (The 3D counterpart to ScummVM for games such as Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island)
  • Steam games installation is now fully monitored, allowing to run additional tasks after the Steam game has installed.
  • We ship a lot of different versions of wine and you can now manage them from Lutris
  • For Wine games, winecfg, winetrick and the joypad control panel can be accessed by right clicking on a game
  • Experimental support for Xinput in Wine can be enabled, just make sure to disable one of the js or event controllers in the joypad control panel.

Make it better, win games!

Our next milestone is the 0.4 branch. The initial version in this branch will see be the first release using Python 3 and will have very little new features except bugfixes. Big features such as Humble Bundle and GOG support or TOSEC integration will come in later releases. We do want to make Lutris 0.4.0 as good as possible so while we're porting everything to Python 3, you can help us improve Lutris and could even win games by doing this! We have a bunch of spare Steam keys for some great games (Serious Sam 3, Half-life 2, Trine 2, Dirt Showdown and a lot more), the best bug reports and patches will be the first to pick from our list of games to win.

Remember that Lutris is not just a Gtk client but it also has a website and lots of runners so any improvement will get you a chance to win some games. Be sure to be as precise as possible, a vague bug report gives you little chance to win whereas a bug report with stack traces and necessary steps and context for reproduction will most probably make you a winner! Valid pull requests with working code will most likely make you an instant winner of at least one game or maybe more if we like it a lot!

We also have a couple of packaging problems on OpenSUSE Build System for Fedora and Ubuntu so if you're a packager, fixing those issues might be a good way to win a game easily! All the required files for packaging are included in the project's source.

The full list of games you can win is available here: