Lutris 0.3.6 is released! (Updated:

Posted by strider Oct. 28, 2014, 5:42 p.m.

PS: Hotfix, and released with the following fixes:

  • Added "Custom Steam location" option to winesteam runner
  • Use Windows Steam from ~/.wine if not installed in Lutris' own prefix
  • Fixed Winetricks used in installers
  • Fixed downloads on non-Gnome environments by adding gvfs-backend as dependency
  • Fixed Wine Steam install
  • Fixed Incorrect detection of some Steam games.
  • Fixed Crash at startup during library synchronization.

Hello again my fellow Linux gamers! If you remember the release notes for Lutris 0.3.5, we said that 0.3.6 would be the last release in the 0.3.x branch and promised a HUGE changelog. Well guess what? We where wrong!

We decided to split this changelog into smaller bits and bring you some of the good stuff right away. Expect a 0.3.7 and maybe even a 0.3.8 to be released in the future with the features we announced earlier (TOSEC and Humble Bundle support among other thing).

But right now, we're here to announce version 0.3.6 which comes with a nice number of improvements, including some important new features:

The Lutris Runtime makes its debut, lifting the need to install various libraries on your system to make native games and emulators work. The number of libraries included in the runtime will expand as we find more missing dependencies (we count on you to report them to us!) and will auto-update on your Lutris installation.

Steam support has been vastly improved with the synchronization of the installation state of your Linux Steam games, the auto-installation of Wine Steam if Lutris doesn't find it in your default Wine installation, the detection of non-default Steam Library folders and the proper uninstallation of Steam games initiated from Lutris.

Full changelog:

  • Lutris Runtime, removing the need to install libraries on the system
  • Detection of installation state of (Linux) Steam games
  • Real uninstallation of Steam games through Steam
  • Auto-install of Wine Steam
  • Better detection of Wine Steam install location
  • Support for Steam's secondary library folders
  • Wine version 1.7.29 (including fix for Steam's overlay/keyboard crash)
  • Tooltips on most configuration options
  • Wine's desktop integration disabled for newly installed Wine games
  • DOSBox options: scaler and auto-exit
  • ScummVM options: aspect correction, subtitles
  • "Remove" context menu action added to uninstalled games
  • sdlmame and sdlmess runners renamed to mame and mess
  • "Prefix command" system option
  • Button to access runners folder in the Manage runners window
  • Manually re-synchronize from the menu: Lutris > Synchronize library

We fixed a few things as well:

  • Fixed inconsistent password field limit to 26 chars, raised to 1024.
  • Fixed impossibility to use system's Wine when Wine Steam was running.
  • Fixed Wine games install failing when there is a space in the setup file path
  • Fixed browser games not launching at all
  • Fixed PCSX-Reloaded and Vice emulators not launching at all
  • Fixed Hatari and Mess emulators not launching nor warning when no bios file configured
  • Fixed Hatari startup fail if there is spaces in bios path
  • Fixed the "Restore desktop resolution" option and enable it by default
  • Fixed the Browse Files action on DOSBox games
  • Fixed Winetricks in installers
  • Fixed checked by default config options not saving unchecked state
  • Fixed the "insert disc" part of installers
  • Fixed renaming games breaking synchronization with the website
  • Fixed Mupen64Plus fullscreen option not working when unchecked.

Website changes since the last version:

  • Improved the About page
  • Added a direct link to your Library in the menu

For contributors: