Lutris 0.3.2 released

Posted by strider Dec. 15, 2013, 5:46 p.m.

After many commits, Lutris 0.3.2 is finally here!

This new version focuses on bringing better support for another gaming platform, Steam of course! Several features have been implemented to make your Steam experience great on Lutris.

  • You can sync your Steam library with your Lutris library from your account on the website
  • It's possible to use Steam data to install native games that are not available on Steam for Linux, such as Unreal Tournament.
  • You can have Steam for Linux and for Wine on a single interface, Steam will automatically close the unwanted version and launch your game without complaining about having Steam connected twice.
  • Install scripts for Steam games are automatically generated, you can customize them as needed but the provided script should work fine enough form most games.