Lutris 0.3 released !

Posted by strider June 29, 2013, 7 p.m.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Lutris 0.3. This version comes with a brand new website and a bunch of new features.

Lutris is no longer the frontend GUI for games it once was and starts its life as a real gaming platform. Installer scripts are now supported making it possible to install games with a single click from the website. Those scripts use a very simple YAML based syntax and everybody can write them.

Please note that this 0.3.0 release may be rough on the edges and some features are still experimental, a 0.3.1 release is to be expected in the coming weeks, the more feedback I get from users, the more awesome it will be :) This version currently make HTTP request to the website (to automatically fetch icons) so if you are concerned by privacy issues, please wait for the next version which will make those requests optionnally.

One feature I didn't have time to finish for this version is the support for Personnal Game Archives (or PGA). PGAs are a way to backup your game data on your storage drives (USB disk, SAMBA share, SFTP server, ...) in order to quickly reinstall them. This feature needs more design and will probably ship with Lutris 0.3.1 or 0.3.2, meanwhile you can have a peek into the source code to see the current implementation and submit your ideas.