Installer agatha-christie-the-abc-murde-gogcom

This script is for reference only and can't be directly used to install the game in the Lutris client. To install the game, download the full script.

exe: game/
- game: N/A:Plese select the Linux installer
- unzip:
gogid: agatha_christie_the_abc_murders
- extract:
    dst: $CACHE
    file: $unzip
- execute:
    args: $game -d "$GAMEDIR" "data/noarch/*"
    description: Extracting game data, it will take a while...
    file: $CACHE/unzip
- rename:
    dst: $GAMEDIR/game
    src: $GAMEDIR/data/noarch
  "exe": "game/",
  "files": [
      "game": "N/A:Plese select the Linux installer"
      "unzip": ""
  "gogid": "agatha_christie_the_abc_murders",
  "installer": [
      "extract": {
        "dst": "$CACHE",
        "file": "$unzip"
      "execute": {
        "args": "$game -d \"$GAMEDIR\" \"data/noarch/*\"",
        "description": "Extracting game data, it will take a while...",
        "file": "$CACHE/unzip"
      "rename": {
        "dst": "$GAMEDIR/game",
        "src": "$GAMEDIR/data/noarch"
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